by Carlisle Jones

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Always wanted to rap over this beat and classic album from Madvillain.


Young 93 could have been on death row
Still a chance if you bite this flow
Got More flair than Anniston as a waitress
You hate this, face it
Shocked to see a rapper not being a plug who make it
Figaro, Fuck marriage I'm a bastard
Bumpin wolfgang rap made me quit makin sandwiches
We the Patio kids, LCY, we here to indent
Hit tab and scribble us in
I ain't the type to be treated special
Break your legs and put them on the mantel
You started a fire that you can't handle
Hydro pump flow ready to blast these slow pokes
No joke, All Hail got washed over and never soaked
You're trashboat, so regular take the hook out
Caught up in shit you shouldn't put out
Wow now, CJ got you by the pool now
Let the sun set before I let the king drown
Last breathe, you got my respect
What the heck, two commas in the check
You ain't a threat, category five spit
This the shit make a wish
"Please stop killing this"
No bitch, this my curse hit the kill switch
Too evil leave the D for your little angel
I'm taking every angle
Leave you in a town dirty like Rango
Fam asking me to wire money got it tangled
That's fame though
Figaro, come and play along
Iller than half of you're catalog
Leave my baggage at home and carry on
Your career is stuck get the jaws of life
You're girl gives me the jaws of life
Let the Sharks bite
CJ here to kill the hype
And drink till there is just one beer left in sight
I just might, treat myself to a little weed
And read the palm of the hand that feeds
9 nails to seal the coffin to your dreams
Return of the fiend, with the dope you need
LCY slipping through the seams
Above average by any mean
I ain't here to do the math right
I'm here to steal the mic
Your reflectin cause I'm white
Take a second and observe the creature
2 albums no features
These dark thoughts linger
Like how to spend legal tender
And send rappers to the meat grinder
Used to hide rhymes in a binder
Till my teacher caught fire
Hear ye hear ye listen up
CJ here to cause a muck
Turn you into ash and get swept up
That's enough


released April 22, 2016
Recorded at ABFlattrack
Copyright to Madvillain and Madlib



all rights reserved


Carlisle Jones Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL Rapper who just wants someone to listen other than his friends.

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